Minnetonka Matt Team

Community Events

Fireside Meeting
12-12-18 7:00 pm - Wayzata Brew Works
Fireside Business Networking Group

Our meeting itinerary is the same each week: 7:10AM-7:25AM Open Networking 7:25AM-9:00AM Structured Meeting 9:00AM and Beyond is Open Networking.   "Sphere Meetings" are also offered after each Wednesday, but are optional.  "Sphere Meetings"...

Holiday Celebration & Success Stories (West Metro)
12-12-18 7:00 pm - Wayzata Brew Works
The White Box Club™ Twin Cities Meetup

This special session is a celebration of many things: a year of learning; opportunities old and new; and the joy of coming together to celebrate the holiday season. Join us for this celebration as our own White Box Club members share their...

Let's be Smarties!!!! (Bar Trivia)
12-12-18 7:00 pm - Wayzata Brew Works
The Brat Pack: 40s(ish), Single, and Adventurous

Join us for Trivia Mafia at Wayzata Brew Works! Trivia Mafia hosts good old team based pen and paper trivia for fun and prizes. First prize is $30 at Wayzata Brew Works, second is $20, and third is often tickets to events around the Twin Cities....

Welcome to my new web site

May 23rd, 2015 by Matt Johnson

Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.